Expecting God to Show Up

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:This season, there are a lot of expectations for Christmas, and we're not always sure how well they'll be met. But God always meets our expectations.

Jayaraj Testimony

Jonathan and Neethi Jayaraj


Description:We did not record a sermon this Sunday as our service used an unconventional format. Please be encouraged by this testimony video we used in our Thanksgiving service to keep pursuing healing. You are not the only broken person, but you are somone God loves!

No Earthly Pain, No Spiritual Gain

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:We are afraid of getting hurt. But sometimes, the pain and trial exists to strengthen us and turn us into the people God has created us to be.

Fear of Death

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:In our third week of studying fear, we look at why death itself is nothing to be scared of.

Fear of Not Understanding

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Continuing our series on fear, we look at John 9. We may not understand everything - and that's okay.


Pastor Brian Lane


Description:On our first Family Day service, we walk through the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. God takes our ordinary and makes it extraordinary

Mercy Wins

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:When the Pharisees found a woman caught in adultery and brought her to Jesus, they intended to trap Him. Instead, they found that adherence to the rules and regulations is impossible.

Keys To Relevance

Missionary Dave Greco


Description:In a break from the John series, our friend Dave Greco shares with us a message God has placed on his heart. The people in this world will not accept God until He is explained in a way they have not heard before. So we need to follow God even more closely to make sure His message is heard.

Jesus is Savior

Pastor Frank Lovero


Description:In John 4, Jesus talks to a Samarian woman at a well in the middle of the day. We usually look at this story and the words and approach that Jesus uses to learn from Him, but we can learn from the response of the woman as well.

The Perfect Example

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Continuing through John 1, we reach a story of John the Baptist, a crazy cousin of Jesus who was exactly the right man to serve God but who was still unworthy of holiness except how God made him holy.

This I Believe

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:We begin our study of John at the beginning, because John began his study of Jesus' life at the beginning of time. We need to understand the greatness of Jesus to understand the grace of Jesus.


Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Launching our Fall Growth Group semester is important to us because community is where Church happens. We need each other.

Why Give To Missions?

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Why give to missions? Why pray for missionaries? Why should I be a part of what God is doing around the world?

No One is Invisible

Pastor Brian Lane/Missionary Brian Correia


Description:Missionary Brian Correia speaks about his calling to Colombia, and Pastor Brian Lane picks up on that note to explain how important it is that God sees everything.

The Best is Yet to Come

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Concluding Ruth is knowing that God works all things for a better purpose than we could ever envision

The Kinsman-Redeemer

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:In Ruth 3, our heroine puts herself completely at the mercy and grace of Boaz, who is a foreshadowing of the Jesus to come.


Pastor Frank Lovero


Description:Obedience is born out of our relationship with God. For Ruth and Boaz, it is exemplified in the barley field.


Pastor Brian Lane


Description:To begin a study on the book of Ruth, we examine the heart of God in the midst of all of our mess.

Shade in the Desert

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:God can do anything at anytime through anyone or anything He chooses. Case in point: the final chapter of Jonah

Do Over

Jim Passaro


Description:Jonah and Ninevah both got second chances. We get second chances, too.

Gut Feeling

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:From the depths of the sea, in the fish's belly, Jonah learned how far God will go in pursuit of us.

Call and Response

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Jonah was asked to go to Ninevah, so naturally he did the exact opposite. He's the villain of his own story, and we have so much in common with him.

7 Secrets for Fathers

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:It's Fathers' Day, let's have some fun!

The Fruit

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:The gifts are but an annoyance if we have not the fruit. They are also born from relationship with the Holy Spirit, and we should be able to identify them.

The Gifts

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:So the Holy Spirit empowers us for great works. But what does that look like?


Pastor Brian Lane


Description:The first message of three about the Power of the Holy Spirit

The Discipline of Resources

Pastor Frank Lovero


Description:To conclude our series on the importance of discipline in a Christian's life, we need to surrender our finacnes and trust God.

Baptism and Spiritual Discipline

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:We baptize four of our young men before discussing how to be spiritually disciplined, and why that's important

Physical Discipline

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Discipline for a Christian does not just apply to our spiritual life. How we treat our body is, in fact, a topic that God has a lot to say about.

The Discipline of Vision

Pastor Frank Lovero


Description:To be a disciple of God often means we need to follow His desires for our lives, not our own. But how do we know what He desires for us?

The Discipline of Purity

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Taken from the story of David and Bathsheba, there are four steps that lead to moral failure. Be careful to avoid them.

The Discipline of Surrender

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:In order to live life to the fullest, we must live Holy Spirit-led lives.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:As a launching Sunday for the new Growth Group semester and to continue the Disciplined Disciple series, we must take a look at what it means to be in community and fellowship and relationship with other believers

Make Every Effort

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:God gave every effort for us, so we should make every effort for Him.

For the Sake of Love

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:What is the craziest thing you've ever done for love?


Pastor Brian Lane


Description:The final step in our Initiate conversation is an invitation. In Acts 10, Peter is given an opportunity to invite Gentiles into relationship with Jesus.

Share Your Story

Pastor Frank Lovero


Description:The most important tool God has given us to reach the world is that of our life experiences. God is the author, but we get to be the storyteller to those we encounter.

Earn the Right to Be Heard

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:We cannot tell people the Good News of Jesus Christ if we do not act like Jesus acted. We are all broken people, but we set ourselves apart by our love.

Rely on the Holy Spirit

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:We want to reach people, but we can't save them. We need to trust God.

Teen Challenge Testimonies

Teen Challenge NJ


Description:Pennington AG is partnering with Teen Challenge NJ to provide shelter and rehabilitation for those in need. As Teen Challenge shares powerful testimonies and joyful praise, we learn just how good our God is.

Moses' Seeking

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:At last, the time has come for us to make our requests of the Almighty God, who is able to answer us

David's Thanksgiving

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:From a place of brokenness and need, David poured his heart out in Thanks to a God who provides.

Jacob's Confession

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:One of the hardest things to do is to admit that we are bad and God is good. But it is from this confession that we learn who we are and can come to a place of joy.

Hannah's Prayer of Praise

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:By looking at the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel chapters 1 and 2, we can learn what it means to pray prayers of adoration to a great and loving God

The Lord's Prayer

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Prayer is essential to our spiritual health and our walk with God. But where do we begin?

Grow in Relationship

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:At the start of a new Growth Group semester, it is important to revisit why strengthening our relationship with Christ and Christ's community is necessary


Rev. Dr. Josh Ziefle


Description:Before God gifts to us, we must prepare our hearts by being faithful.


Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Jesus gave us the deepest joy we can find, so we should share it with others.


Pastor Brian Lane


Description:The Christmas angels needed to say, "Fear Not" because God gives peace into our lives.

Stay Pure

Pastor Brian Lane


Description:Inside or outside a marriage, it is important to maintain purity for your spouse.